FinTech Software Development

Alokha Technologies is a Fintech software company that delivers complex custom solutions to improve operational efficiency, reduce transaction fees, and ensure the security of the financial processes.

Alokha Technologies - Fintech Application Services, Hyderabad
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Our Special Features

Authoritatively underwhelm excellent methodologies via premium expertise competitive than open-source imperatives disseminate.

Mobile Banking Software

We build powerful mobile banking solutions that function as a digital extension of your bank.

Alokha Technologies - Fintech Application Services, Hyderabad


Our software solutions are developed on the basis of advanced forecasting mathematical models

Investment Management

management solutions developed by our engineers provide comprehensive analytics and reports

Alokha Technologies - Fintech Application Services, Hyderabad

Alokha Technologies Trading Application Development

Our dedicated development team built a robust cross-platform web service that communicates with various exchanges on multiple data transfer protocols and converts the received data into a single format, passing it on to the client application.

Pixel Perfect Design

The solution expanded the client’s platform to support a wide range of trading cryptocurrencies without compromising security and flexibility.

Development Execution

Alokha Technologies helped to integrate with cryptocurrency exchanges with the use of REST, WebSockets, and FIX protocols.

Alokha Technologies - Fintech Application Services, Hyderabad
Alokha Technologies - Fintech Application Services, Hyderabad

Invest In Fintech Software Development

The financial industry is currently changing at an enormous speed. Traditional banking no more satisfies customers demands for high automation and personalization.

  • Faster delivery processes
  • Better operational agility
  • Reliable security practices
  • Connects all the transactions
  • Significant cost-saver
  • Better transparency
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Great Working Environment

Our dedicated teams have developed Fintech solutions in digital banking, payment and investment management, crypto, trading, and hedge fund spheres.


Dedicated Development Team

In Alokha Technologies, we start any project with initial analysis to better understand the requirement of your business and market supply and demand.


Security and Compliance

we provide our clients with progressive risk analytics and compliance solutions that guarantee meeting regulatory requirements without any extra expenses.


Vast Experience

Our software engineering team has strong expertise in innovative technologies. With a flexible customer-oriented approach.


Hedge Fund Solutions

Our dedicated development team provides fully integrated hedge fund software solutions. The application allows investors to develop an outstanding portfolio of hedge funds.

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