Healthcare Software Development

Alokha Technologies is a custom healthcare software development company that delivers medical technology solutions to streamline clinical workflows, enhance healthcare interoperability and diagnosis, and manage secure data transfer among healthcare departments.

  • Alokha Technologies - Health Care Industry, Hyderabad
Alokha Technologies - Health Care Industry, Hyderabad

Organization Need A Custom Healthcare

The amount of global healthcare data is increasing year by year, making it almost impossible to qualitatively monitor and manage it without digital solutions.

  • Customer Aanalysis

    EHRs, for instance, are used for secure and easily accessible electronic storage of patient information, PMS and HMS streamline the workflow of a clinic or hospital, manage appointments and billing, get accurate documentation.

  • Real Time Metrics

    Through the implementation of the abovementioned healthcare software development services, organizations become able to manage entire systems without the risk of documentation loss or wrong diagnostics.

Alokha Technologies - Health Care Industry, Hyderabad
Alokha Technologies - Health Care Industry, Hyderabad

Alokha Technologies Custom Healthcare Solutions

Alokha Technologies developed a solution for the largest company in India & Europe that delivers system support for cohesive digital care chains.

  • EHR & EMR Software

    By implementing these fully functional solutions, you’ll get the ability to receive lab results, X-ray images, warnings about drug interactions, assistance in the diagnosis, and access to e-prescribing technology in one unified application.

  • Telemedicine Software Development

    Our telemedicine software reduces waiting time for patients, simplifies patient-doctor communication, and allows secure healthcare storage and real-time video consultations.

We Follow Our Work Process

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Quickly administrate customer service rather than transparent.


Dramatically B2C solutions whereas backend imperatives.


Monotonectally deploy team driven vis-a-vis goal-oriented.


Dramatically web-enabled portals for core competencies.

Telehealth & Telemedicine Software Solutions

We build custom telehealth software solutions to deliver remote health services, education, and training for improved efficiency and quality of care.

  • Telemedicine App Development

    Build custom telehealth applications leveraging VoIP, SMS, and device camera APIs for enhanced patient engagement, video streaming, call routing, and more.

  • Cloud-Based Telemedicine Software

    Develop highly interoperable custom cloud-based telehealth software systems designed for medical practices, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations.

Alokha Technologies - Health Care Industry, Hyderabad

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