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Alokha Technologies is a logistics software development company that delivers custom software solutions to help enterprises optimize inventory management, streamline warehouse operations, and reduce delivery times.

Alokha Technologies - Logistics Application Services, Hyderabad

Alokha Technologies Custom Logistics Solutions

Enhancing your business with supply chain application development significantly minimizes human errors, prevents data leaks, increases efficiency, and reduces expenses.

Fleet Management Software

We have solid experience in the development of GPS fleet tracking software to manage fleet efficiency through collecting real-time data on locations, traffic density.

Warehouse Management Software

Alokha Technologies develops warehouse management software that uses IoT and sturdy data analytics to provide valuable insights into inventory Collection.

Trucking Accounting Software

Our custom integrated trucking software is able to keep records electronically and manage daily operations, eliminating the risk of human error and the need for outdated documentation.

Transportation Dispatch Software

We build logistics software that trails each truck en route via built-in GPS devices to help companies cut down on fuel costs and provide flawless communication between drivers and dispatchers.

Alokha Technologies - Logistics Application Services, Hyderabad
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Your Company Need A Custom Logistics Solutions

As the business grows, the number of operations gets a lot bigger.

  • Scale of goods production.
  • Usage of various types of cargo.
  • All the manufacturing, logistics.
  • Supply chain management software.
  • Accounting processes under one software roof.
  • Accommodating parcels of different sizes and weights.
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Implementation of a powerful custom logistics

Software application allows companies to perform numerous logistics management tasks simultaneously.

  • Pixel Perfect Design

    Frequently, the basic asset of features is not enough to cater to huge clients’ demands, solve issues connected with transport management and internal cooperation.

  • Unique & Minimal Design

    Ensure flawless order processing and inventory management. Supply chain software development aims at the creation of a single, unified application.

Alokha Technologies - Logistics Application Services, Hyderabad
Dedicated Development Team

Our dedicated development teams build robust logistics solutions for companies of any scale.We assist our customers at every stage of supply chain software development.

Strong Technological Expertise

The development of sturdy and innovative logistics and supply chain solutions frequently requires leveraging various technologies and languages.

Focused on Fleet Operations Safety

Our software developers create stable and secure legislation-compliant logistics and supply chain solutions. We aim at facilitating your business processes.

Easy to customized

Supply chain software development aims at the creation of a single, unified application to manage all the logistics and supply chain processes within your company with the least amount of time.

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